Weekly Link Love – The End is Near Edition

| March 23, 2013 | 22 Comments

I know that the best way to get ahead in life is to learn and adapt, but I’m sorry, I’m not ready to live without Google Reader! I go on it multiple times a day to catch up on all my favourite blogs, and now I just feel sort of disorientated knowing that it’ll be gone soon. Sure, Google Reader won’t officially kick the bucket until July 1 of this year, but they’ve already gotten rid of the easy to access button on Gmail and I am not okay with that! What should I do? Should I try to get comfortable with Bloglovin? Should I go with Feedly? Should I just bookmark all the blogs I follow? I need some guidance because me and Google Reader have been tight for so long that I just don’t know how I’m gonna handle being without it. At least there’s this hilarious video to cheer me up. I’d say the only other video that’s just as funny is the one where HD DVD is killed off to make way for Blu-ray.

Okay, enough ranting, there are some happy things going on in my life too. Like yesterday, after a year of not seeing my wedding dress I finally got to try it on again for alterations. I freaked myself out by stupidly watching too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta this week and was worried I’d be one of those brides who completely hated her dress after already buying it. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case and I still love it. My BF and I are also doing pretty well on the planning front. Almost everything is booked, I’m almost done making all the decorations for the reception, and all that’s really left to do is get our marriage license, complete our pre-marital counselling program, and party it up in Vegas for our separate bachelor/bachelorette parties this April!

Now, onto the link love. Who needs Google Reader when I can curate my own amazing list anyway!

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How are you handling the end of Google Reader?

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  1. Most recent (after an embarrassingly long time) mini-vacay was to Missoula, Montana. It was AMAZING! They have this thing called First Friday, where all of the galleries (plus restaurants, stores, public health clinics, hallways outside hair studios…) change their art and have free drinks and snacks! It’s only supposed to be from 5-8, but places were still PACKED at 9:30. There were lines at every restaurant after that. Lots of the places with art also had live bands playing. I couldn’t believe that every little shop had 20+ people packed in. I highly recommend a trip there.
    Budget wise… totally no budget, but with hotels being ~$55 a night for two queen’s, it was pretty cruisy. Sunday matinee movies at their playhouse theatre style movie theatre were only $8 for two people!
    PS – Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  2. jefferson @seedebtrun says:

    On behalf of all of America, I would like to say…we love you, too!!!! And please come over and shop anytime you like!! In fact, bring your friends ;)

    Since starting this journey and this blog, I’ve been reading so many posts from my Canadian friends and I’m shocked at the price of everything! It’s insane really. Housing prices are ridic!


    • Prices in Canada ARE crazy! I mean, I honestly think I’m just gonna hold out buying anything here until my next trip to the U.S. because I can’t believe how little I paid for how much I got in Portland. It’s just insane!

  3. Sounds like you had a good time. If it was hipsters you were looking to hang out with, you could have came here to the Detroit area. Unfortunately, our “mini” vacations these days are a little more family friendly – water parks, zoos, etc. But there is always a budget set first. Not only is it a great way to not go crazy and waste a lot of money, but it really helps you to plan future vacations.

    • Detroit huh? I didn’t realize there were hipsters there too! I totally agree with the trip budget being such a great idea. It really helped me not think about money but just relax and enjoy the trip. I’m never traveling without a budget again that’s for sure.

  4. Awwww that sounds really fun!!! Quite honestly BF and I have never gone on a vacation, so we have never done a trip budget. I’m excited for our first one… maybe in 3 years when I graduate ahaha.

    LOL at the “America, I love you!” — it’s just something you don’t hear too often from people that are not from the US haha. I wish I could have hung out with you guys! You and your BF seem like you would get along really well with me and my other half :) I kinda wanna see what you got!! Everything sounds enticing…and now I want to shop at Nordstrom Rack. Thanks, Jess, thanks! But I won’t… so show us what you got!

    Glad you guys had fun! You deserved it after that wreck of a train ride you endured. Also, that arcade sounds amazing and I have totally walked out of a restaurant before ordering before. No shame!

  5. Tonya says:

    Thanks for the mention! Yeah I use Google Reader too and I’m trying to migrate over to the old reader. So far it’s taking a lot of time. :( I just might have to start over.

  6. Michelle says:

    BOOO to Google Reader. I just love it so much and I don’t want to switch!

  7. glad to hear you didn`t go all say-yes-to-the-dresszilla!

  8. CanadianBudgetBinder says:

    I joined Blog Lovin last week and it seems to work fine for me. Thanks for sharing a CBB post!

  9. eemusings (NZMuse) says:

    I’m all set up on The Old Reader but I’m still using GR everyday.

    Just applied for our marriage licence on Friday! Annoyingly I have to physically go back in again during work hours to pick it up.

    Good luck wrapping up those last few odds and ends!

  10. Student Debt Survivor says:

    I’m beyond bummed about google reader (and I’m in a little denial and haven’t even started to move to another reader). Yay for dress alterations (and I’m glad you still like it!) Thanks for mentioning me!

  11. Thanks for the link loving!!! I’m still in the old reader. I haven’t decided which reader to go with for the future :/

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