Blog Love: Seinfeld is Amazing

So me and the BF have been getting back into Seinfeld. We’ve both seen every episode multiple times, since we both watched it every week with our parents when it aired on TV. It’s been a while since we ever re-watched episodes, but I’m telling you, if you are stumped to find something to watch, go back to Seinfeld! Every f***ing episode is like “Oh the muffin top episode!”, “Oh the bubble boy episode!”, “Oh the chest shaving episode!”. I swear, every episode is so brilliantly written, the fashions are hilarious (the puffiest of shirts, and what’s with the light jeans and white sneakers combo all the time Jerry?), and there are at least three classic quotes per episode. Anywho, if you are in need of some good TV for this long weekend, as I’m predicting it will either be raining or snowing where you live (at least if you live in Canada), you will not regret time traveling to the 90s to visit Kramer, Jerry, Elaine and George.

Now, on to link love! Some amazing posts this week, which I’ve read but haven’t had too much time to comment on (forgive me!). If you are also in need of some good long weekend reading, I suggest checking out some of these great posts:

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Have a great long weekend everyone, and don’t forget to remember!

(Image: Living Half Alive)


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