Week in Review: No Cold Can Stop Me

Happy Saturday everyone!

My week has been quite interesting. I’ve been sick with a cold since Sunday (almost through it now), and I honestly thought that this week would just involve me on the couch with a bowl of soup and a box of tissues. But the world works in mysterious ways so of course this week would be one where I get an interview! Although I was pretty much a Dayquil-zombie both Monday and Tuesday, I managed to slap on some make-up, put on my best office casual outfit, and try my best not to cough or sneeze on my interviewer. I say try because I did have a coughing fit causing my interviewer to get me a glass of water. Not my best moment.

If nothing else comes of it, I’m still glad I did it because it truly lifted my spirits and I proved to myself that no matter what, when it comes to acting like a professional a measly cold won’t ever get in my way. The day after that I got a call for an another interview somewhere else so I’m definitely starting to feel more positive and motivated in this job hunt!

Other than that the big news in my life is that my HB and I finally bought a coffee table and two side tables for our living room. I swear we’ve been to every single furniture store in Toronto, but we lucked out today and got a really good deal (I’m talking $300 baby!) for a set at The Brick. We get it Tuesday and then our house will be almost complete! We’re still waiting for our bedroom set to arrive in a few weeks from Costco, but once that arrives I’m going to start getting a move on decorating this place (and blogging about it too).

Even though I was fighting a cold all week, I did manage to read a few blog posts here and there, and thank goodness because there were some great ones! Here are my favourites from this week. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Tired? It May Not Be From Lack of Sleep by Prairie Eco-Thrifter

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