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If you read last week’s link love, you’ll know that my wedding is just around the corner and me and the BF are kinda freakin’ out. We finally found a printer for our invitations, got some envelopes, then decided to print the addresses on them using our home printer. Since my BF has been working nights lately, he’s been a major help doing wedding stuff during the day and is pretty much single-handedly responsible for getting our invitations done and sent out. Of course there were some complications with our ink jet printer, and he may have had to redo most of our envelopes after battling with smudges and paper jams all day, but other than that, we are slowly but surely crossing things off our list.

Ok, enough boring wedding invitation talk. Tonight, myself and some other Vancouver PF bloggers are meeting up for some all you can eat Japanese food and I’m super excited to stuff myself silly! I’ve been so good lately, eating healthy and working out 2-3 times a week to lose my Thai beer belly, but tonight all bets are off! I’ve still got about a week until I’ll have completed my 30-day no drinking challenge but it’s actually been pretty fine. I’ll write about my experience when I’m all done though.

One last thing before I get to the link love, I’ve got an awesome giveaway for all y’all presented by Structured Settlement Annuity! Anyone want a fancy schmancy EOS Rebel T4i DSLR Canon Camera? Enter below!

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Now on to the link love!

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-Mo’ Houses out!

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  1. Cutting Back on My Basic Spending | February 10, 2014
  1. Giant bummer. If it’s any consolation, my friend just moved to a different flat share after not being allowed to use the kitchen (with no warning) if her housemates were having a dinner party; plus, not being allowed to use the shower late at night or moderately early on a weekend. Seriously, since when is it a crime to shower at 8:30 on a Saturday?!
    Sounds like you have a doozie of a neighbour – my houses have always had success with the friendly notes! The neighbour below us doesn’t care for us, which we find a little hard to believe because we’re basically gone all day and go to sleep super-duper early to get up at 5:15!

    • It’s pretty crazy, mainly because just like you we are never home during the day and go to bed at 11pm and are just generally really quiet people! Wow, I would definitely move out of that place too if I were your friend, those are ridiculous rules!

  2. Oh man you have my condolences. This is a tough situation. And it really sucks that the guy isn’t just open to talking about it and find a reasonable solution. In my opinion, that’s a guy who has major defenses up and sees everything as some kind of attack (probably because he is an asshole-excuse my french). Yes I’ve been in similar situations in different ways…but mostly with ex roommates. Sadly, there is no reasoning or trying to change them. You have to make decisions based on what will make you happy in the long run. Either try to ignore his banging on the wall/loud music, or potentially start looking for a new place to live. It sucks, but otherwise this could eat you alive day by day.

    • I think that’s all we can do. But we also plan on filing a formal complaint with the BC Tenancy Association. One of our other nice neighbours suggesting us doing that so we have his note on record.

  3. Bogofdebt says:

    Ugh. That’s why I hate apartment buildings. I’d honestly try to get the landlord invloved. Mainly just so there is a record. He might not be able to do anything but yeah, at least you go on record about the neighbor.

    Is there a noise ordance in your neighborhood? It really sucks that an otherwise perfect apartment would have to be nixed just because of a jerk of a neighbor. And yes, being downstairs does mean noises get amplifed but when I lived on the bottom, I’d always think “oh they are doing dishes. It’s great to have clean neighbors” and go on about my business. I only cared if they were being excessive and even then I thought about it. For instance, Friday night? I would ignore noise for a little longer. And notes always worked between us if we had an issue!

    • That’s the thing, we have neighbours above us who have recently bin a bit more noisy that usual but when I stop and listen to the noises I realize someone’s taking a shower, or they are vaccuuming, or someone’s walking around with heels. They are just normal noises so once I figure out the noise I pretty much just ignore it. And I bet they would be more responsive to a note if need be too.

  4. Michelle says:

    WOW! I would be incredibly pissed. I have a hot temper so I would probably force him to talk to me in person. But then again, my boyfriend knows I have a hot temper, and we would probably just move to avoid any other confrontations.

  5. You did just describe an episode of Seinfeld! Don’t move out — if you do, he wins. I do think letting your landlord know about this is a good idea, but I am very open in communicating with landlords.

    • I think it might be a good idea to let the landlord know, but I don’t necessarily want him to go talk to the neighbour for us because I’m afraid it will just make the guy even angrier at us. I’m basically biding my time until he makes noise again, but so far he’s been oddly quiet.

  6. jefferson @seedebtrun says:

    I think you’re giving this guy way too much credit. There’s no way he can spell correctly! I’m sorry you’re dealing with Captain Asshole. I’ve only lived in an apartment briefly and we were on the top floor. I know that when you’re below someone, things seem louder than when you’re above them. In my house, for example, I can barely concentrate enough to read a book on the couch if someone’s walking around upstairs and stepping on all the creaks. But if I’m upstairs in my bed and everyone’s downstairs talking or playing games, it hardly ever bothers me. Maybe there’s some loud spots between your floor and his ceiling and he truly thinks you are loud, obnoxious people? I doubt you are as you seem very intelligent and eloquent, but he may perceive things differently. I know you’ve probably thought of this and wanted to talk to him, but it sounds like he’s just a giant tool that has his mind made up that *you* are the rude neighbors and he’s just going to passive-aggressively blast his horrid music at odd hours to get back at you! Super annoying. I would move. Honestly, you’re not letting him “win” by moving. If you move and another normal couple moves in, he will see that it’s just impossible to not hear your neighbors above you at least some of the time. Or, maybe you’ll win and someone completely rude and loud will rent the place! Wouldn’t it be great if karma were always on top of things?

    • We’re still considering moving, but what if we move and we have another terrible neighbour? It’s hard to find out before you move somewhere what your neighbours are really like.

      • jefferson @seedebtrun says:

        True. I think we were lucky, even though one of my neighbors is super annoying. She’s older and very nosy…and I’m pretty sure she talks about me behind my back since she talks freely about everyone else! However, she’s completely harmless and just a bored, lonely, old widow. She goes to bed early and is usually happy if we stop by and talk to her once a week or so. She can be MEAN, though! But I feel bad for her, so I just smile and nod when she says judgmental things like “why don’t you weed more?” or “your son’s face is a mess!” ha! Hmm…maybe you can go house-hunting around dinner time or another busy time when most people are home? That way, you can at least SEE the neighbors maybe? Idk, it’s hard. Good luck w your decision!

  7. Jordann says:

    That sucks! That’s one of the BEST things about the little house I just moved into, it’s fully detached, so no other tenants to bother us, or for us to worry about bothering. I would definitely at least browse other places, it seems like the atmosphere where you are is going downhill fast.

  8. OMG this guy sounds like a complete and immature ass. He probably knows he’s wrong so he had to resort to insulting you guys and making crap up! He is definitely a huge douchebag and I think you should get the landlord involved. You deserve to know what kind of “noise” he is referring to. Also I love that idea of playing Call Me Maybe haha.

    It would suck for you guys to leave just because of his immature tactics though. Who the hell can’t even open his door to talk? That’s sooooo lame! I am so sorry you have to go through this. Since he’s being an inconsiderate jerk, I would wash dishes ONLY after 10pm and work out IN your kitchen LOL!

    I had some really inconsiderate roommates before…it was a nightmare. We resorted to yelling, cussing, fighting, crying, and essentially moving out and not being friends anymore. At least we communicated I guess!

    • Haha I should start working out in the kitchen. It’s crazy, my BF has knocked on his door quite a few times, and the closest he got was the guy talked to my BF through the door. He didn’t even open it, and when my BF asked if this was a good time to talk, the neighbour said no and just walked away from the door. WTF? Who does that?

  9. Momma Grizzly says:

    Did a little checking around the Cybersphere and this is what I’ve found:
    - keep a log and copies of all written and oral communications you’ve had with the downstairs neighbour.
    - it is part of your Landlords responsibility to make your complaint known to the other tenant, and there ARE laws in the Landlord/Tenant Act that pertain to noise and how to decide what is acceptable.
    - the Residential Tenancy Board has a website (see below) that you can contact (along with your landlord, or on your own) and they will also provide consultation on the resolution of the problem.
    - don’t worry about winning, but on the other hand moving isn’t all that frugal either.
    - expect to compromise.

    Here’s the link:
    Hope it helps.

    • OMG thanks so much for this! I’ve definitely done the first one, even kept copies of the notes I wrote to our neighbour, and I think we might as well let our landlord know of the situation. There may be nothing he can do, since we have told him about this neighbour and he actually suggested that we write him a note (that sure didn’t work) and I’m definitely gonna check out that site.

  10. guest says:

    don’t worry about him winning if you move… life is short, you don’t want to have to deal with this crap all the time! talk to the landlord though first… see what the situation is. If this guy’s lease is up soon, and he leaves, then no problem right? but if he’s been living there for 6 years or something and is unlikely to be leaving, then the only solution is for you to leave. He won’t listen to reason, so it will never get better in my opinion.
    My neighbours downstairs sent us up a really nasty letter about our noise too (that we didn’t realize we were making). but once we communicated and they realized we weren’t doing it on purpose, it got resolved and is now totally fine. that’s the way it should be, this guy obviously is not properly socialized!!

    • Ya I think we may talk to our landlord about this after all. And from what we’ve heard from other neighbours he’s been there for a while, and I bet his rent is crazy cheap, that’s why he’s been there so long.

  11. Shawanda says:

    I’d contact the landlord to let him know what was going on. That way, if I had to break my lease, he’d understand why. If I’m paying rent, I have a right to peace in my own place. Btw, your neighbor is a dick.

  12. Mycanuckbuck says:

    Wow – I feel your pain. We shared a wall with pretty bad neighbours. Unfortunately, we just had to bide our time til they moved out. But please don’t think of moving out as letting him win – if it’s your sanity at sake, then it’s best just to go.

  13. I like how you’re the ones bothering him. That’s an interesting spin on the topic. I really don’t miss living in an apartment with neighbors. I probably would have told the landlord.

  14. Country Girl says:

    What an asshat of a neighbour that guy sounds like. I think having a chat with the landlord might be a good idea – who knows, maybe others have had a problem with him too. Or you could always just bang on some pots and pans to show him what kind of noise dishes can really make ;)

  15. I used to live in an apartment that was only for college students during my junior year. Every Friday, the girls who lived in the apartment above us would throw loud parties that go until 4 am. We called the cops every time to file a noise complaint, but it never did anything to stop the partying.

    • Omg that’s insane! You’d think the first time the cops would show up they would think maybe they should stop it. I used to live in a basement suite with these really loud people above, I swear ten people lived in the 2 bedroom suite and all they did was party and drink all day. I lasted 2 months in that place.

  16. Mikhaila says:

    I agree that you should let the landlord know, if only so that there’s documentation against this guy should the landlord ever decide to take action against him. I’m going over our lease, and we have a section in there regarding reasonable enjoyment of the suite – maybe there’s something along those lines in yours? He sounds completely unreasonable, and kind of insane. I don’t think I’d want to provoke him any further.

    Last year I had a guy move in next door to me who smoked a TON of weed. We even had a separate page in the lease that we signed stating we wouldn’t do any illegal drugs or have them on the property. So I documented every. Single. Incident. It also didn’t help that my apartment has negative pressure, so it basically funneled in the weed smell and perfumed my apartment with it. I went exclusively through my property manager since I didn’t want to risk confrontation (he was a pretty big guy), and it took a long time, but eventually they told him they wouldn’t be renewing his lease. That was victory enough for me! I hope this guy quiets down or moves out.

    • I’m definitely gonna check out our lease to see if it says anything on there, and I think we will mention this incident to our landlord and then probably file a formal complaint with the tenancy association too.

  17. Renée says:

    I lived in an apartment once where our downstairs neighbour knocked on our door several times to complain about all the ‘knocking in the bedroom’ and the loud music. The loud music was from the neighbours next to us and the loud knocking was apparently coming from our second bedroom which was unoccupied for 90% of the time. He left us a nasty letter too and stated at the bottom that he had notified the landlord. I was so mortified it ruined living there, he would also throw cigarette butts up at our balcony assuming they were coming from us, but we don’t smoke… I should have stood up for myself. I eventually moved back home a few months later.

    • That sucks, what a jerk! Fortunately after this note situation we haven’t heard a peep from the guy below ever since. Though he does still have disturbingly loud sex with randoms on occassion. I literally thought he was murdering a girl in his suite until I realized what was going on, and it was 9pm on Sunday for goodness sakes! Come on!

  18. Thanks for including us! Have a great weekend =)

  19. John S @ Frugal Rules says:

    Thanks so much for the mention! Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned, have a good one!

  20. OutlierModel says:

    I think it’s Korean food, But I’m definitely looking forward top it! Thanks for the mention!

  21. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the mention! Have a fun weekend :)

  22. Livingrichonthecheap says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Where do you get all you can eat sushi? (for the next time I am on the mainland). Cheers!

  23. japanese food.. yummy!

  24. I love your blog! I’m in the same place in my life and trying to accomplish the same things, including procrastinating planning a wedding. How did you get involved with other PF bloggers?

    • Cool! Well one way I got involved with other bloggers is just reading their blogs, commenting on their posts, and promoting them via Twitter and Facebook, then eventually a few of us from the same city emailed each other to get together and we’ve managed to get together every few months and hang out and gossip about blogging.

  25. Student Debt Survivor says:

    Thanks for including me, much appreciated. I’d love to get together with local pf bloggers here in nyc. I know there are at least a few of us.

  26. Jordann says:

    Hey thanks for mentioning me! I just sent my invitations out this week too! We did online invitations, and the RSVP headcount is already at 60. Makes it seem very real right now!

  27. Nick @ says:

    Thanks so much for including me! :)

  28. Brick By Brick Investing says:

    Thanks for the mention! I remember the wedding jitters/scramble =) You guys will be fine.

  29. Thanks for sharing my post! Happy to be co-hosting with you :)

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