Weekend in Review: Own It and Lean In

So, I guess I needed another week’s break? It hasn’t been an especially busy week, not compared to how I used to live 6 months ago (how I did everything and not crack under the pressure I’ll never know), but I think I’m still adjusting to working full-time, getting all of my school readings and assignments done, and just living a normal life.

I’m not complaining! I love being busy, but I will admit that this whole school thing is sort of stressing me out. It’s not like I’m doing a degree program or anything, but I’ve always been a keener when it comes to school and the thought of getting anything other than an A terrifies me. I don’t know why, because time and time again I’ve proven to myself that I am smart and can excel in school, but I’ve always had this tiny bit of self-doubt when it comes to academics. It could be for a number of reasons, but when it comes to school assignments and tests, I’m always afraid I’m going to do it wrong and getting a failing grade. Not that those fears are completely unfounded. I did almost fail this one university class about Vikings (who gets a D in Vikings? Me, that’s who), and I once had to redo an entire paper because I misunderstood the assignment. But when it comes to my academic successes, I never really give myself credit for them.

Luckily, I started reading Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” this week and it’s definitely been helping me squash those stupid fears. You know when you start reading a book and it almost perfectly aligns with what you’re going through in your life at that moment? Yup. That’s this book for me. I’ll write a full post (or possibly several) when I’m done. Basically my fears of not being good enough and never really accepting or expressing my achievements isn’t that odd. A lot of women feel the same way, but it’s high time we start thinking differently! When I achieve a goal I need to own it, not think that it was just luck that got me there. And when I receive a compliment I need to just say “Thank you” instead of “Well, I had help” or “Really, it was nothing.” I want to own it and lean it, and hopefully one day have as successful a career as Sheryl has. 

Since I’ve been busy with work and school this week, I honestly haven’t had too much time for reading any other blogs, besides Ask a Manager who I’m literally obsessed with. I honestly don’t know how I would have survived the summer without that blog, and if any of you are job hunting or just have a jerk for a boss, you need to read this blog. It’s a gem.

Alright, that’s it for me! Have a great weekend everyone and I will have a new post scheduled for Monday so make sure to check back for that!

(Image: Celestine Chua)


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