Week in Review: No Shopping Regrets

It’s been a week since my money-sucking trip to Buffalo, and the good news is I don’t have any shopping regrets! I was worried that I would look at my credit card statement and have a heart attack, but luckily I was smart enough to put some money aside for shopping, and the rest of the trip’s expenses will be paid off once I get my next paycheque. And since some of you asked to see some pictures of what I got, above are my beautiful Dior sunglasses (the first pair of non-cheapo H&M sunglasses I’ve ever bought), and below is the new love of my life (sorry HB, you’ve been temporarily replaced), my new Kate Space black leather purse.


As for this weekend, I’m definitely going to try to not buy anything at all. I’ve always hated the idea of no-spend days or shopping bans, but I think I might need to do one or the other, especially since my HB and I have our trip to Vancouver coming up!

And now here are my top 5 my blog posts of the week! Looks like there are some new personal finance bloggers popping up. Thanks for commenting on my posts this week everyone, and have a fantastic weekend!

The Greatest Financial Feeling by Budget Blogess

My Frugal Hair Do by Debt Busting Chick

Should You Buy or Rent Your Home by Money Mini Blog

What I Did With an Older Mac Mini by Save and Conquer

Have you ever had any shopping regrets after a big shopping trip?


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