My First Official Weekly Link Round Up – Halloween Weekend Party Time

| October 27, 2012 | 16 Comments

As I mentioned on Thursday, I’ll be doing weekly link round ups instead of just doing one once a month. This week I’ve been really feeling the love via Twitter, plus the contest I ran last week has bumped me up from 70 Facebook fans to over 150 (thanks everybody!). Getting more Twitter and Facebook followers is definitely a big goal of mine, so if you aren’t already connected with me, come on, do it NOW!

 So since it’s Halloween, or at least the weekend before Halloween, I’m labeling this week’s round up Halloween Weekend Party Time! After stressing out all week about what I was going to dress up as for a party tonight, and not wanting to spend more than $15 on it, I’ve settled on Alice in Wonderland. I have a blue dress very similar to hers, I’ve got some Mary Jane heels that will do, and all I needed to buy was a black headband and a white apron (which was incredibly hard to find, let me tell you!). I still need some white tights, but I’m happy enough with the ensemble and it only cost me $10 altogether.

Ok, now to the mentions! Here are some of my favourite reads from this week:

The Day I Learned I Was Adopted by Afford Anything

How Much Cash Do You Carry by Broke-Ass Mommy

My First Vlog! Being Yourself by Budget & the Beach

What Products to Stockpile for Maternity Leave by Canadian Budget Binder

Why Does Crime Pay in Canada? A Lookt at Investor Fraud by Canadian Personal Finance

How to Make Traveling a Priority on a Limited Budget by Careful Cents

How to Be More Credit Savvy by Club Thrifty

Do You Spend More If It’s Not Your Money? by Evolving Personal Finance

More Money Than Brains by Freedom Thirty Five Blog

Moving Forward with Real Estate by Frugal Portland

Glad I’m Done with School by Making Sense of Cents

Using Online Calculators for Car Financing Decisions by Modest Money

The Grad School Scam by Money After Graduation

Making Money on Someone Else’s Failure by Money Mamba

On Saying No (and Being Ok with It) by Musings of an Abstract Aucklander

The Training Starts Tomorrow by My Alternate Life

Year-End Charitable Gifts and Taxes by One Smart Dollar

Let’s Talk Life Insurance by So Over This

Being Poor in North America by The Outlier Model

Things I Want to Do with My Money by When Life Gives You Lemons Add Vodka

Enjoy the weekend everybody!

-Mo’ Houses out!

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  1. Emily @ evolvingPF says:

    Thanks for listing my post! Congrats on your decision to visit Thailand!

  2. Thanks for the link love! I hope you don’t end up in jail either. lol! I saw that movie too.

  3. Michelle says:

    Definitely checking out Ramblecrunch now. And thanks for mentioning my post!

  4. OutlierModel says:

    Thanks for the mention – I’m excited for your trip!

  5. Deacon says:

    Thanks for the mention. Look forward to hearing all about your trip!

  6. femmefrugality says:

    Here’s to hoping this trip is uneventful in a good way! Thanks for the mention!

  7. K.K. @ Living Debt Free Rocks! says:

    Thanks very much for the mention!

  8. Thanks for the love :-)
    You’ll have to participate one day in the future!

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