Week in Review: The Downside of Moving Away from Home

Happy Friday everyone!

So I’ve officially decided to turn Friday’s into my Weekly Blog Love post days. I’ve just been finding it difficult to write 4 posts a week, and I want to make my blog all about quality and not so much quantity. That being said, I’m definitely going to take advantage of this weekend and get to work on my editorial calendar. I don’t what it is about the start of a new year, but I always feel way more motivated to get things done!

That being said, although most of you have probably been really busy this December for the holidays, it has been an interesting experience for myself and the HB to say the least. We knew that the holidays wouldn’t be easy after moving away from home, and even though we tried to make the best of it by going to the movies, ordering take out, and sleeping in til noon, it just wasn’t the same. To be honest, parts of it were downright sad. We’ve now been away from home for 6 months and we both just realized this is the longest we’ve been away from home our entire lives. The longest trip I’ve been on was 2 months when I volunteered in Africa, and when that time was up I was more than ready to go back home.

Being homesick has of course made me think about the future and what it might look like. We are definitely going to stay in Toronto for at least a year and see how it goes, but lately when I think about putting down roots and starting a family, I can’t see us staying here for good. I know that I can’t predict or control the future, but at this very moment I can only see us staying here for a few more years then moving back to Vancouver. I guess only time will tell.

Alrighty, enough homesick talk, let’s get to this week’s blog love!

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Have a great weekend everybody!


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