Lifestyle Carnival – 49th Edition

| April 7, 2013 | 15 Comments

Welcome to the 49th edition of the Lifestyle Carnival! Submit your blog article to the next edition using the carnival submission form at Blogger Carnivals.


Avrex @ Avrex Money writes How to successfully bid on Priceline Hotels – Want to get the best possible price on a hotel? Avrex Money provides a step-by-step guide on how to successfully bid for a room, using Priceline.

John S @ Frugal Rules writes Handling Your Money When Traveling Abroad – Traveling abroad can be great fun and provide memories that’ll last a lifetime. There are many ways you can help bankroll those memories, just make sure you watch out for possible fees and do your homework beforehand to know which form of payments are best to use at your destination.

Simon @ Camp Travel Adventure writes Can I get a grant to travel? Sure you can! – Many people spend their life saving to travel the world fully unaware that there are grants available from various bodies that will cover the costs for you!

Steve @ Grocery Alerts writes Why the Starwood Preferred Credit Card is the best rewards card in Canada – In my opinion the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Personal Card is the best credit card for Canadian frequent flyers. This is a highly desirable program because of its points-to-miles transfers offering a 5,000-mile bonus when you transfer 20,000 points.

CheapSKate @ ConsumerFu writes How to find Cheap Hotel Deals – Cut the cost of your travel plans by following these tips to reduce the cost of your hotel stay.



Dr Wheatgrass @ Dr. Wheatgrass Healing writes Wheatgrass Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream – This cream is the brain child of the one of the leading Wheatgrass cream therapist of the world, Australia’s Dr. Chris Reynolds.

Greg @ Club Thrifty writes The U.S. Healthcare System and Your Finances – The U.S. Healthcare system affects the personal finance decisions of Americans each day. Here is part of our story and why we believe the system is broken.

Jordann @ Making Sense of Cents writes Exercising with No Space And No Money – I ran on the roads when I lived in the city too, but out here in the country, running on the road is the cheapest form of exercise available to me. This is a good option for about 8 months of the year, after that the weather becomes too unruly to maintain a consistent schedule. The rest of the time, I have to find alternatives.

Alexis @ FITnancials writes 25 Activities To Keep You Busy – There can be times when you have absolutely nothing to do. Or maybe there is plenty to do, but you decide to munch on food instead. Here I will list 50 activities that you can do instead of running back and forth from the kitchen treating your stomach like a waste basket.



Robert @ Kids Ain’t Cheap writes She Only Needs Me For a Short Time – It’s easy to let life dictate how you spend your time. The messy kitchen can always wait. My child will only need me for a short time in her life. I need to remember to concentrate my time on addressing her needs, no matter what time of day or what else I may have planned. I need to accept and embrace these short-lived interruptions.

David Bar @ Bar Whiz Blog writes Bar Tricks To Pick Up Chicks – For those times that the pick-up lines don’t work in your favor, well don’t worry, even the best pick-up artists need a little help once in awhile. Since every girl loves a good magic trick, okay, well maybe not every girl, we’ve put together a list of the best bar tricks to pick up chicks.

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes Three Reasons I Prefer Experiences to Things – One of the biggest differences between my husband and me is the way we like to spend our money. I prefer experiences, and he likes things. Here are 5 reasons I prefer experiences to things:

Girl Meets Debt @ Girl Meets Debt writes Girl Meets Debt, No Longer a Shopaholic – I am a smart girl but I did not really see my shopaholic ways as being a serious problem because I think our consumerist society has portrayed shopaholics as flaky, fashion-obsessed women living in a material world like Becky in the popular Confessions of a Shopaholic book series. How popular culture portrays and downplays shopping addictions is whole other post that I will not get into here. Lets just say I strongly disagree.

Jules Wilson @ Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet writes Our New Tool: The Child Training Bible – Child training bible verses can be hard to remember at the moment that you need them. Here is a system that we found to help make memorization and referencing easy.



Dividend Growth Investor @ Dividend Growth Investor writes Help! I have a serious spending addiction – I have a serious spending addiction – any time I find myself with some extra cash on hand, I end up spending it. This is particularly troublesome, as I tend to salivate when I see an item that I really want.

JC @ Passive Income Pursuit writes Stock Valuation Method – Graham Number – This is the first part in my series on different stock valuation methods. This week I look closer into the Graham Number, where it comes from, where you can gather the information for it, and how it’s calculated.

Brad @ Structured Settlement Quotes writes An Annuity Buyer Can Convert a Structured Settlement into Cash – For most beneficiaries of structured settlements, there are options available to convert the annuity payments into a lump sum of cash.

MMD @ My Money Design writes Learn How to Manage Money Better – Like a Large Company CFO – What can we learn from Apple and other big companies? How about how to manage money better and become our own successful household CFO.

MMD @ IRA vs 401k Central writes Comparing a Pension vs 401k – What Are the Differences? – When you compare a pension vs 401k, there are lots of benefits and pitfalls to consider from each side. This post will explore all the major differences.

Edgar @ Degrees and Debt writes Student Loan Series: Loan Forgiveness – Various methods to achieve student loan forgiveness

Bryan @ writes How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring? – A proposal and engagement should be one of the happiest times of your life, but you should not have to pay for it the rest of your life. With the Spring and Summer seasons fast-approaching, many couples will be planning to get engaged soon, giving them that one year time span to put together the perfect wedding. This article will help couples decide on how much to spend on an engagement ring and how to go about picking the best one.

Lazy Man @ Lazy Man and Money writes Remember BitCoins? They Aren’t Going Away – Have you heard of Bitcoins? They are a form of digital currency that have made the news here and there, but hasn’t gone mainstream. However, that might be about to change.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Use Cubbies to Solve Small Space Issues – The term cubbie can be generously applied to utilizing small spaces in a home for better efficiency. Case in point: Architect Ted Seggerman modified a New York anthropologist’s 240-square foot apartment on the Upper West Side and crafted, or squeezed, more space using nooks, cubbies, and creative ideas to make the place functional.

John @ Card Hub writes Last-Minute Tax Tips – With Tax Day fast approaching there are a number of issues everyone must be aware of as we scramble to file returns and scrounge up the cash needed to pay the good old taxman. In the interest of convenience, we’ve boiled them down into nine helpful last-minute tax tips.

Matthew Allen @ The Pay Off Credit Card Network writes Three Different Types of Credit Card Losers – I’ve got an interesting post today about three different people who used the word “loser,” to describe three different situations with credit cards. Each of these stories come from unique bloggers with three different types of blogs: a frugal blog, a mommy blog, and a thrifty blog. It is quite interesting to see the different perspectives overall, especially for how each blogger thinks of a “loser,” as the word pertains to credit card use.

Jon Haver @ Pay My Student Loans writes Where Do I get the Ca-Ching for College? – Money for college is less than scarce; it can be easy to come by, as long as you’re willing to be resourceful. One of the most common sources for money for college is student loans. They can be co-signed for by parents who will share the responsibility of paying back the loan. A better and more cost-effective way to pay for college is through scholarships. Depending on the school that you attend, there may be additional resources right there in your school’s financial aid office.

Ross @ Wallet Hub writes FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums to Rise, Again – Last year, the FHA raised mortgage insurance premiums across the board, which many predicted at the time would not be enough to stem the tide. Now just a year later, the FHA has announced that it will again increase the rates of mortgage insurance and, more importantly, require borrowers to pay for it longer.

Sean @ One Smart Dollar writes The Growing Problem of Tax Refund Fraud – Tax fraud is becoming a huge problem in the US. Follow some of these simple steps to help protect yourself.

Jeemy @ Modest Money writes Guide to Starting a Blog – If you think blogging might be a good idea, read on to learn how to get started. Then do plenty of other reading including my blogging tips series. You will be up and blogging in no time.

Blogging Banks @ Blogging Banks writes What is FDIC insurance? – FDIC or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is created by the US Congress to insure the safety of deposits in participating members’ banks up to $250,000 per depositor per bank.

Thomas @ Finance Inspired writes Are you entitled to a tenant loan? – Tenant loans are a relatively unknown quantity and available to people with all sorts of different credit history. Want to know more? Check out this article.

John @ WILD about Finance writes The Effects of National Debt in the UK – With the national debt in the UK well over £1 trillion, we have a quick look at how this is affected the UK.

Jules Wilson @ Faithful With a Few writes How to Find Affordable Life Insurance – Like it or not, insurance is a necessary evil. If you do not have life insurance, you run the risk of leaving your loved ones with a heavy financial burden. Don’t be that person! Finding cheap life insurance is not difficult, but you do need to know how to find it.

Jason Hull @ Hull Financial Planning writes Why You Don’t Want Your Investment Portfolio to Look Like Your NCAA Tournament Bracket – We fall for several of the same psychological fallacies in picking our NCAA March Madness brackets that we do in picking investments for our portfolios.

R.J. Weiss @ The Insurance Protection Blog writes I’m A First Time Homeowner, How Much Home Insurance Do I Need? – How to choose the amount of insurance you should insure your home for.



Lynn @ Wallet Blog writes Springtime… when a consumer’s fancy turns to thoughts of Yard Sales! – Itching for yard-sale season to begin? Here are some tips for hosting as well as attending a yard sale!



SB @ One Cent at a Time writes Using Fruit waste – Some reuse of Fruit Waste at your Home – There are many ways to make good use of disposable fruit parts. Want to know how? Here are the best ways of using disposable fruit parts while reducing waste and saving money.

Tamar @ writes Deviled Eggs Without Mayo – You may have tried a delicious Deviled Eggs recipe for Easter, but the holidays are not the only times you can enjoy this tasty dish. To help keep Deviled Eggs healthy, easy, and delightful, here is an awesome recipe without using the traditional mayo mix.

Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes Mr.CBB’s Crock-Pot Beef Stew – A hearty bowl of stew to warm the soul any night of the week is not only easy on the budget but easier when made in the crock-pot.

KK @ Student Debt Survivor writes The Fresh Direct Dinner Challenge – Pre-made meals that are healthy for me and delivered right to my door, and cost effective! What’s the, “catch”?

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  1. Hahaha, my spouse targets an average of $10/bottle for wine. Therefore the more <$10 bottles we have, the more expensive ones we can have. I like the magnums of Jackson Triggs Cab Sauv ($16.99/2 = $8.50); Sawmill creek "red" is okay (better than the specific grape varietals in my opinion) it's $7.99 for 750 or $14.49 for 1.5L; also, Gato Negro Cab Sauv which is $10 or $15.99/1.5L

    Buying wine in Alberta (illegal to cross provincial lines) is a steal of a deal :-)

  2. Sweet, those are bargain prices for some quality Italian reds. I wonder if they’re at my liquor store. I like how wine improves with age. The older I get the more I like it (^_~ )

  3. Jordann says:

    We make our own wine at home, it works out to about $3/bottle plus our sweat and tears (and cleaning products because we always spill it). I haven’t bought a regular bottle since February and that was a $22 bottle of local Nova Scotian wine. Delish.

    • Ooo I’ve always wanted to try to make my own wine, but we definitely couldn’t do it our place (no space) and it also seems like a lot of work. But I definitely want to try to do it one day, especially if you can get a bottle for only $3!

      • Meagan says:

        I’m not sure what city you live in, but around the okanagan theres lots of “u-brew” type places that end up being -almost- as cheap as making your own… but you just bottle it yourself as apposed to brew it yourself.

  4. Well I’m more a beer guy myself, but if I did drink wine, I’d buy it exactly the same way… by price and size! Nice review :)

  5. Alan says:

    These are good tips and rather inexpensive. I am hoping once I finish school at years end I will have more time to focus on doing the small things to make big impressions.

  6. Michelle says:

    There are so many things that we plan on doing to our home. Great list!

  7. Great tips. I find getting rid of bigger overgrown shrubs and going with smaller easier to manage shrubs around the house can make a world of difference along with so new mulch.

  8. CanadianBudgetBinder says:

    I’ve already painted the house and it made a world of difference. I’ll be putting in a new kitchen and new bathrooms as well at some point soon. This summer I’m focusing on the exterior gardens and landscaping and path-way to the house. Lots to do but it will certainly boost the look of our home so it doesn’t look aged.

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