Life Insurance – Make Sure You Read the Fine Print

| July 19, 2013 | 12 Comments

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My HB and I have been married for just over two months now (woohoo!) and despite having a long laundry list of to-dos to still cross off (like legally changing my last name), the one thing we aren’t going to wait any longer to do is to get ourselves some life insurance.

Before we were married and I was still employed, I was lucky enough to get life insurance through my employer. It was a nice benefit, but since I was still legally single and didn’t have any dependents it wasn’t that important to me. Now that I’m married and we’re starting to merge all of our assets together, I want to make sure that if anything happens to either one of us we’ll be covered.

That being said, life insurance isn’t just something you should jump into before having all the facts. For instance, the other day I was browsing through my Facebook newsfeed and I stumbled upon this article from Global News about a man with four kids who just lost his wife. He and his wife did have life insurance but the policy was nullified before his wife’s death because of a clause in the agreement. The short story is that the couple deposited money into their bank account, their bank put a hold on the money for 24 hours, the life insurance company tried to take their monthly payment from that account, but when they received an insufficient funds error and thus didn’t receive payment on time they cancelled the policy.

To me this sounds like a big misunderstanding, and a really unfortunate one seeing as the life insurance money could have really helped this newly single dad and his four children. But on the other hand, that clause was part of the agreement that the couple signed off on, which just goes to show why it’s so important to know what you’re getting into before choosing what life insurance policy and company is right for you. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m going to memorize every single clause before either myself or my husband sign on the dotted line, but despite this terrible situation that occurred I still believe that you’re better off with life insurance than without.

Do you have life insurance? What are some of the things you would advise people to look for before choosing a policy to go with?

-Mo’ Houses out!

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  1. Common Cents Wealth says:

    Good advice. Even though it’s painful sometimes, I think it’s important to read the fine print with just about anything. Especially something as important as life insurance.

  2. Michelle says:

    We have a little bit of life insurance directly through both of our jobs, but none that we have bought. We do need to look into this!

  3. Alexa Mason says:

    I don’t have any life insurance. This is something I really need to get. I would hate for something to happen to me and not be able to provide for my kids.

  4. Life insurance can be a little complicated to understand so it’s a great idea to do all of your research into the different types before buying.

  5. Squasher55 says:

    I’m a regular reader of your blog, and also quite a bit your senior. I believe you are making a mistake here. You should be waiting until you are employed, and it is most likely that will solve your problem with an employer backed term insurance policy (for both of you). You should never buy whole life insurance anyway….it is a bad investment. Many people do not have life insurance….consider this…if you had a million dollars in investments…..would you feel the same way about insurance? Perhaps not. Do not feel pressure here…and be a bit more patient.

  6. insurance companies perth says:

    Thanks to share a wonderful experience .I like it .Actually i have also no life insurance .So gives me a suggestion for life insurance

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