Happy One Year Blogiversary to Me!

To commemorate this auspicious occasion, I’ve made my very own GIF!

I also did really want to do something a way more extravagant than this, but in the end I just ran out of time. I had this amazing idea to shoot a short video all about personal finance, the community, the inside jokes, oh man it would have been fabulous! But alas, it just didn’t happen. But I did still have to go all the way to the grocery store to buy this cake, then all the way to Michael’s to get a candle in the shape of a number one, and then figure out how to make a GIF with photoshop (which took longer than I’m proud to say). And as much as I’d love to say that I had a big celebration with friends to mark this special day, I’m not gonna lie, I marked the occasion by eating half that cake by myself as I watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Happy one year blogiversary to me!

It is pretty crazy that one year today I published my first post. And what a cute post it was. I got 4 visitors that day. I’m pretty sure each visitor was a member of my immediate family. But now, after a whole year of blogging, I’ve published 219 posts, I have a Google page rank of 3 and an Alexa rank of 139,042, and way more than 4 visitors a day. Not too shabby, though I will admit it did not come easy.

I know that there are a ton of other bloggers who have been blogging for half as long as me and are way more popular, and hey, good for them! But I love my blog, and honestly, wouldn’t change a thing.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this before, but when I started this blog, I told myself I would give it at least a year. After that I would either quit or continue blogging. I thought if I gave it a year then I would at least be giving it a good shot, and could see if it was something I could sustain through the busy and not so busy times in my life. Well, it’s been a year, and I’m gonna keep on blogging! The only reason I would quit was if I wasn’t having fun with it anymore. I’m sure in a few years I may change my mind again, but as of right now, I’m gonna give this blog another year because I’m still having a ton of fun with it.

Now, I’m not gonna sugar coat anything, blogging on a routine basis for an entire year was hard. There were times I just had nothing to say, and times I just didn’t feel like writing. There were also times where I felt I was online more than offline. That’s definitely something I’ve realized over the course of this year. You need to be careful how you prioritize your time, and sometimes you just need to say no to things. At this point, I feel like I’ve definitely hit a good balance of being a routine blogger and not sacrificing my social life. But my BF can definitely attest to me being a bit obsessive and basically a complete stress case when I was posting something new everyday. Lesson learned, posting everyday is not a good idea for me!

Besides all that, I’ve really enjoyed all the people I’ve gotten to know through this blog. Thank you to the PF community for being so welcoming and supportive! Especially you awesome Vancouver PF bloggers, you guys rock! And a special thank you to all you readers who are just awesome readers! Sometimes I wonder if the only people reading this blog are other bloggers, friends, and family, but when I get a comment from someone I don’t know, I absolutely know there are a ton of you out there reading who are just genuinely interested in my ramblings. Thanks so much, and don’t be shy, I love your comments too!

Another heads up, I’m not gonna do a post tomorrow. Why? Because this is seriously crunch time and staff party season has begun! I think including staff parties, friend parties, and family gatherings, well I think I’m busy almost every night until New Years. Not that I’m complaining. I love parties. But sometimes I just want to do absolutely nothing, and eat more cake, and watch more Gossip Girl.

Cheers everybody!


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