Week in Review: Countdown to Vancouver

The countdown to Vancouver has begun! I can’t believe that in just two short weeks my HB and I will be flying home after a year away. I am beyond excited, but I know once we get there it will be go, go, go! We’re only there for 8 days (not including the night we get in and the day we leave). That’s really not a lot of time, especially when we have so many people we want to visit. So far we’ve been pretty good at booking people in and making sure we don’t miss anyone, but it’s definitely going to be a hectic trip that’s for sure.

On top of all that, we’ve been trying to organize our one year wedding anniversary as well (which just so happens to land on Mother’s Day this year). Since my HB and I aren’t really gift people, we’ve decided that every anniversary we’re going to try out a new experience together instead. We were toying with the idea of rock-climbing, but instead we decided to go dine in the dark! I know what you’re thinking. Dining in the dark doesn’t exactly exude romance. True, but we’re pretty a pretty quirky couple, we love to eat, and it’s not just dining in the dark but all the waiters are blind too! Doesn’t that sound amazing? Speaking about eating, since we never got a chance to eat a slice of our wedding cake or remember to save the top tier (biggest regret of my life, that cake was amazing!), we’re also going to get a cake from our favourite local bakery to pig out on. We may even do the whole cake cutting ceremony again just for kicks.

This week was a pretty special week for me. My favourite personal finance columnist Rob Carrick mentioned my The Most Cheapskate Things I’ve Ever Done in his weekly round-up in The Globe and Mail. Thanks a ton Rob! There were also some other great blog posts floating around the blogosphere, and here are my top picks of the week:

Passive Income After Retirement by Budgets Are Sexy

Can Lending Money Ruin Friendships? by Canadian Budget Binder

We’re Halfway There by Dear Debt

Should Adults Ask Their Parents for Money? by Tahnya Kristina 

Have a great weekend everyone!

(Image: Kenny Louie)


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