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Here is the second carnival I’m hosting this week. The Carnival of Money Pros is brought to you to by the Money Pros Team, and you can submit articles at Blogger Carnivals. Have a great Sunday everyone! A new post about my road trip to Toronto coming at you tomorrow!

Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents writes How I Stay Motivated When Being Frugal – I have to say that ever since I started this journey to rid myself of debt, it has sometimes been a struggle to stay motivated. We all have experienced burnout when we put our all into something and its only natural.

Alexis @ FITnancials writes The Simple Facts of Getting Ahead – There are quite a few articles out there about the “secrets to success,” but most of the time, the secrets aren’t really all that great. They’re just common sense. There are some other factors though – factors that some authors just won’t right about because they don’t want to offend people.

Michelle @ Diversified Finances writes What is Passive Income – Passive income is definitely something that interests me. Before I started blogging, I didn’t really give it much thought. I knew that it existed, but I just always believed that I would be the type of person to work a long time and have to actually put time into every dollar that I make.

GMM @ Grad Money Matters writes Great Ways to Get Noticed in Corporate America Part 1 – Corporate America is a tough beast to conquer, but with a little patience and persistence, it can absolutely happen. In order to give yourself the best chance at consistent promotions, be sure to follow these five tips to get yourself noticed at work.

Martin @ Studenomics writes You Need to Stop Hiding Behind College – Why are so many of us hiding behind college?

Mike @ The Financial Blogger writes Forcing People To Save – The Best Idea a Gov’t Could Never Have – How would you feel if we would force you to save money tomorrow by your government?

Kurt Fischer @ Money Counselor writes Our 3 Best Money Choices—#3 – How do you know how you’re progressing if you don’t know where you’re going?

Glen Craig @ Free From Broke writes Getting the Most Out of a Prepaid Debit Card – No, prepaid debit cards aren’t always a great deal. But there are ways to use a prepaid debit card wisely. See how.

Emily @ Evolving Personal Finance writes Rethinking Our Student Loan Repayment – If you had student loan debt with an interest rate under 2% that you could pay off today, would you get rid of the debt or invest the money?

Michael @ The Student Loan Sherpa writes Meet Colleen: Learn the Cost of 7.25% Interest and Putting Children First – Colleen is a social worker and a voice to children in need, but her student loans make financial stability a nearly impossible dream.

Brock Kernin @ Clever Dude writes Can I Take a Break From Thinking About Money? – I took a weekend off from paying attention to my finances with disastrous results.

Travis Pizel @ Enemy Of Debt writes How Fragile Are Your Finances? – Recent layoffs at my company gave me a new perspective on how fragile our finances really are.

Alice @ Hurricanes, Panties & Dollars writes The pterodactyl retirement plan – An interesting conversation, a plan to trap a pterodactyl and waking back up in the real world. Plus a fun, catchy video and perhaps a little talk about retirement.

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Ideas to Save on Dentistry? – Mr. BFS’s phobia of dentists came back to cost us once a few years ago, and it gets worse. He needs major dental surgery and it is going to be expensive.

Tushar @ Start Investing Money writes Six Months In: Have You Failed in Some of Your 2013 Financial Aims? – If you remember, around three months ago we looked at how your financial goals might be shaping up for the year. We tend to start a New Year with good intentions in many ways, not least of which is the financial sense.

Kelvin @ The Really Easy Business Ideas Blog writes Really Easy Business Idea 1 – A post about a really simple business idea where the reader uploads a monetized video to Youtube and markets it extensively at absolutely no charge. The idea is to get readers to make money without spending any so that their minds open to possibilities. It’s about taking the 1st step to climbing a mountain… …that will begin to seem like a small hill as you gain knowledge and experience.

Brent @ PersonalFinance-Tips writes How to earn the most from your property – If you have a property you are not living in currently, you could rent it out and make yourself some money, either towards paying the mortgage or other living costs.

SFB @ Simple Finance Blog writes Pre-Approval vs Pre-Qualification – Ready to shop for your new home but do not know where to start? It’s time that you analyze your stand as a buyer before you make an offer on any house.

Jester @ The Ultimate Juggle writes How Much Should You Have on Your 401k When You Retire? – Are you looking forward to your retirement? If you are then that’s good news. That means you are looking forward to still having some income by then.

Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions writes Extreme Frugality: 4 Unbelievable Frugal Stories from the Recession – Not only have the people below embraced somewhat harsh monetary limits in their extreme frugality, but by doing so they have found freedoms beyond spending from a bottomless wallet.

krantcents @ KrantCents writes Stop the Government from Stealing My Retirement! – Stop the government from stealing my retirement! There is little known provision of Social Security called Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) that reduces your benefits. If you receive a pension based on earnings from any organization outside of Social Security and Social Security benefits, you will become familiar with this provision very quickly.

Daisy @ Suburban Finance writes Earn Your Degree Without the Debt – Get Your Degree Without the Debt Do you currently know of someone that will soon graduate high school and will head off to college? I think every single one of …r

Lauren @ L Bee and the Money Tree writes Different Debt Attitudes – How do you handle debt? What is your debt attitude?

Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder writes It’s Time to Take Advantage of Remote Working – Remote working has been in the spotlight recently thanks to a leaked memo from the Yahoo! offices. The company once had a very liberal view upon remote working, though now the company has stated “we need to be one Yahoo!, and that starts with physically being together.

Daniel @ Sweating the Big Stuff writes Cheap Date Series: Pay Your Own Way – Some people are cheap and don’t realize it. Here’s an example of how not to act if you’re on a date (or two).

Gary @ Gajizmo writes Jobs That Don’t Require Experience – Similar to the chicken and the egg paradox of which came first, getting a job without experience can be difficult, but you need to get a job in order to earn experience. This can be especially frustrating for new graduates or the recently unemployed looking to make a career change. Here are the best jobs that require no experience.

SBB @ Simple Budget Blog writes Cutting Calories and Coin: How to Lower Your Food Budget – Though inflation remains low, it seems prices are rising for many consumer items. Read here to learn how to decrease your always increasing food budget.

Wayne @ Young Family Finance writes Hometown Investment: Why to Buy Local? – Though chains are more popular, local businesses are significant to your community. Read for why you should invest in local businesses.

Mike @ Personal Finance Journey writes 5 Investment Tips for Becoming Financially Secure – 5 investment tips anyone can follow on the path to becoming financially secure

Irfan @ Everything About Investment writes Top 10 Warren Buffett Investment Strategies – What lessons can we learn from Warren Buffett’s Investing strategies. Whether you like him or not, his investment strategies are the best, which made him one of the richest people in the world. Warren Buffett‘s investment advice or his investing strategies are priceless and if you can grasp these strategies you should do well as an investor. We know there are other investment strategies out there, but his strategies are both easy to follow and have been successful for several years.

Arnel Ariate @ Money Soldiers writes Money Saving Tips for Car Insurance – There are a number of money saving tricks and tips available to the canny driver to keep your insurance costs to a minimum.

Debt Guru @ Debt Free Blog writes What High School Never Taught You (And Should Have): Practicing Debt Management – High school usually neglects is the basics of financial management, which is too important not to know. We’re here to help with tips on debt management.

MMD @ IRA vs 401k Central writes Taking An Early Withdrawal from Roth IRA Contributions – You’ve heard you can take an early withdrawal from Roth IRA contributions after five years, but did you know there are specific rules that come with it?

MMD @ My Money Design writes My Post Retirement Ideas for When I Become Financially Free – Having some post retirement ideas and goals for what you’ll do with yourself is just as important as the planning it took to get you there.

Robert @ The College Investor writes How To Change Bad Financial Habits – Good intentions can only go so far in changing bad habits. It takes time and commitment to change bad financial habits. Scientists studying addiction have found that a brain chemical, dopamine, is released when humans experience pleasure. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that sends messages throughout the brain and creates pathways that lead to addictive behavior. If the brain associates spending money with pleasure, the positive association can lead to addictive spending behavior.

Robert @ My multiple Incomes writes The Truth About Making Your Job Pay – For most people, having a primary job is their main income stream. But the sad truth is, many people don’t do what they really need to do to make their job pay. There is so much money that people leave on the table when it comes to their jobs, and if you’re looking to maximize your income, that needs to stop. Here are some simple tactics that you can look into today to make your job pay more.

Robert @ Entrepreneurship Life writes A Commencement Address For Would-Be Entrepreneurs – Dear Graduates: You think you know, but you have no idea. You are woefully unprepared for what’s next. You are entitled to nothing. You are responsible for defining and creating your own success. And, the 9 to 5 job that you’ll be lucky to earn will leave you empty and unfulfilled. That’s the advice I wished I had received upon graduating.

Robert @ Beat The 9 to 5 writes The Most Important Step To Turn Ideas into Business Reality – I’ve been asked this same question twice in the last two weeks: what’s the single most important step that you can take right now to turn your idea into a business reality? That’s a tough one, because there are so many different little things that you can do to make your business a reality. While I’m not an expert, here’s what I’ve learned from trying (many times) to turn an idea into a business reality.

Robert @ Cult of Money writes Build Coupon Chief Into Your Coupon Rituals – More and more people are shopping online, and as their numbers grow, more and more online promo code sites are springing up. If you’re already an avid couponer, you know that promo code sites can be an invaluable way to save money each and every time you make a purchase online. However, not all sites are created equal.

Robert @ Kids Ain’t Cheap writes Save on Baby Goods (and Make Money) with CouponChief – If you’re a new parent, hearing that babies are expensive is no surprise. Seriously, who knew a little newborn could go through so many diapers in 24 hours! Sometimes, you know more than change the baby and the diaper needs to be changed again.

Grayson @ Debt RoundUp writes My Percentage Based Debt Payoff and Savings Rule – I am a big believer that you can save money while paying off debt. I believe this because I did it. Not only did I do it, but it also changed my money mentality. I used an allocation strategy similar to retirement investing.

Mrs. PoP @ Planting Our Pennies writes Securing Accounts Against Fraud – After a recent bout with identity theft, Mrs PoP enhances the security on their family’s financial accounts and goes through tips for others to do the same.

Cerise Grayley @ Financial Planning Advisor Pasadena writes Investment Diversification Strategy – When you a) chose an active management strategy versus a passive one, b) try to time the markets versus staying put, c) buy individual securities versus funds, d) favor certain economic sectors versus full domestic and international diversification, etc., then you are much more likely to lose than to win.

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes Are You Shedding Your Recession-Era Frugal Habits? – The Recession forced my family to adopt many frugal habits to get by; five years later, how many are we still using to save money?

Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes Entrepreneur Series | Lesson 2: Incorrectly Pricing Your Product Or Service – In the first year of a start up operation, there is a great focus of energy from the new business owner on client acquisition. Our 2nd installment deals with incorrectly pricing your product.

Bryan @ writes Ways To Make Money in College – Making money in college has many benefits. In addition to having spending money and covering your living expenses, you can graduate without credit card debt and immediately start paying down your student loans. Here are a few simple ways you can start to make money in college without taking on a full-time job.

Jacob @ AllPersonalFinance writes Should I buy or should I rent? – Not very long ago, the answer to that question would definitely be ‘buy if you can afford it’ but in the current market this is not so obvious any more. There are various incentives available at the moment, including Help to Buy which the government hope will get more people on the housing ladder but …

Mr. Frenzy @ Frenzied Finances writes Commuter Cons: Reducing Pesky Commute Costs – Though it can be expensive, there are some inventive ways that those with a long commute can use for reducing pesky commute costs. Read here for some tips!

Tony @ We Only Do This Once writes Don’t Sell Your Soul for Work You Don’t Love – Why would someone continue to work if you didn’t have to? It’s a mindset that is pretty pervasive in our culture. People think that if you are still working that life is not working out as well as you would like.

Chris Topher @ This That and The MBA writes 3 Money Mistakes I’ve Made and How to Avoid Them – I know in the grand scheme of things this is not all that late to start saving but I just keep thinking how much more I could have in there if I had started at 20! I kept thinking that I was too young to think about retirement but that’s not true.

Tushar @ Finance TUBE writes You Want To Give Your Child The Best of Everything, But Should You? – As parents we want to give our kids the best of everything. We want to give them all the things and advantage as possible but should we? One blogger I follow often talks about how difficult her childhood was her parents are at work and they are routinely short on food.

Dollar @ Easy Extra Dollar writes How To Manage Your Money – In order to manage your money, you have to come up with a budget and stick to it.It is important to be realistic and not to overestimate or underestimate your budget. If you receive a monthly income, try to make a monthly budget and distribute the money to cover all your expenses.

LaTisha @ Young Finances writes How Can I Invest With a 401K Plan? – Investing in a 401K is the best way to secure your future and have a snug retirement plan in place for when you stop working.

Thomas @ FinanceInspired writes Should you be a guarantor for your childs auto insurance? – With auto insurance getting ever more expensive for the younger, newly qualified drivers, we investigate a new trend emerging, becoming a guarantor for your child, is it really worth it?

AB @ Aspiring Blogger writes Google Reader is Dead – Long Live Google Reader! – Like I’m sure a lot of you do, I use Google Reader to manage all of my RSS subscriptions and keep me organized. With Google Reader shutting its doors on July 1, what am I supposed to use instead? Join me as I walk you through the alternatives and help you chose the best Google Reader replacement!

John @ WILD about Finance writes How to get a cash injection – Getting a cash injection can sometimes seem impossible if you don’t know what the options are for you out there. Believe it or not, there is often a solution lying just around the corner which will help dig you out of that black hole.

John @ Cough up the Dough writes Double glazing as an investment and cost cutting method – We take a quick look to see if double glazing really is a good way to save money on your heating bills. Should it be seen as an investment as oppose to an unnecessary expense. We discuss.

Jon Haver @ Pay My Student Loans writes Reasons Why You Haven’t Paid Off Your Student Loan Yet – College graduation, the best day of your life! On this day you’ll embark on so many new feats which includes a new career and new friends in new places to name a few. There is one other major obligation you’re on the hook for rather you realize it or not and that’s your student loans.

Jimmy @ Finance Romance writes The volatile stock markets sailing the choppy seas – With the FTSE and DOW Jones both rocking to and fro and a total change of around 9% in the last few weeks, I take a deeper look into this.

Lazy Man @ Lazy Man and Money writes So, You Want to Be a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)? – So adding it all up, it’s a 3.5 year full-time commitment to be a Certified Financial Planner (I’m going to be conservative and assume that I can’t find a CFP to be an apprentice under). If I wanted to put that much time into something, I’d go with business or law school. There’s even a pharmacy school option for those who excel at that kind of thing. The median CFP salary of around $67K simply doesn’t warrant spending nearly 8 years of education.

CAPI @ Creating a Passive Income writes 10 Reasons to Support Small Businesses – Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, yet people find themselves frequenting big box stores. Here’s why you should support small businesses.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Aging Pets Cost Money – After the initial costs of spaying our cats and getting them their first year shots, our money expenditures over the past 15-years have been negligible minus their food. Yet, now as they move into their senior years – or more like their geriatric years – their health is becoming a more costly venture that I hadn’t prepared for or ever thought about.

John @ writes Insurance Shopping Online – Finding insurance these days can be a daunting task. With the multitude of companies out there each offering a whole array of services and products, just narrowing down what you need can become a chore, never mind from where you’re going to get it.

Luke @ Learn Bonds writes Hey Bernanke, What Are You So Afraid Of? – The Fed has made news again as Ben Bernanke’s press conference has incited CNBC’s anchor Rick Santelli to ask questions about the reasoning behind the news.

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes 3 Great Investing Lessons from Warren Buffett – Warren Buffett is arguably one of the greatest investors of all time. He preaches value investing, in which he sees out companies whose stock price is undervalued.

Melissa @ Minting Nickels writes Have You Purchased Renter’s Insurance Yet? Here’s What You Need to Know – You might also be hesitant to buy renter’s insurance because you feel you don’t have enough money for the yearly premium. However, renter’s insurance is one of the most affordable insurance policies to buy.

Ryan @ Cash Money Life writes When it’s OK to Move Back Home After Graduation – Is it ever OK to move back home after college graduation? There are many times it makes sense. Many graduates face crushing student loans, debt, and more.

Kristen Hawley @ ReadyForZero Blog writes What Happens When You Stop Paying Your Student Loans – Are you struggling to make payments on your student loans? One blogger talks about her journey and why it’s important to stay on track.

KK @ Student Debt Survivor writes Taking Advantage of Bank Sign-up bonuses = Easy $200 – Have you ever received a bonus for signing up for a checking account? I made a quick and easy $200 for signing up for mine.

Shredding Debt @ Shredding Debt writes Debt Payoff Progress for May 2013 – Good news!! Even though it seems like things are moving incredibly slowly, we were able to get things back on track and break below the psychological $200,000 mark.

A Blinkin @ Funancials writes How I Started Investing in the Stock Market – Since that first stock market simulator years ago, technology has come a long way. There is a website, Olim Dives, which combines social media AND investing.

Maria @ The Money Principle writes 5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Scores – Credit score matters and should not be ignored. Here five ways to improve it are discussed.

Minimalist @ Minimalist Finance writes Putting Your Kids Through College – Many people say that nowadays a degree is expected and holds no more value than a high school diploma. While this is certainly an exaggeration, in order to secure a bright future, teens and young adults must plan for going to college, or through trades school training.

Kanwal @ Simply Investing writes How to Buy Stocks and Sell Shares on the Stock Market – I’d like to share a blog post article written by Frugal Trader, which covers the basics of buying and selling shares on the stock market. I was going to write a similar post based on recent emails I’ve recevied, but Frugal Trader did such an excellent job, it would be quicker to check out his post. 4 steps to buying and selling stocks: 1.

Hank @ Money Q&A writes Why Are Younger Workers More Interested In Saving For Retirement? – The current financial climate has brought plenty of uncertainty with it for workers young and old.

Evan @ My Journey to Millions writes Waving the White Flag on Actively Trading My Traditional IRA – About a year ago I decided to put some money towards an investment idea I had been thinking about for years. I was going to buy stocks for the sole purpose of selling covered calls on them. My thought process was simple enough:

Jason @ Live Real Now writes Evil Interest – Everybody with a savings account or almost any form of debt has at least a passing familiarity with interest. How many of you actually know what it is, or even how much you are actually paying?

Matt @ Living in Financial Excellence writes Billionaire Mark Cuban Says Only Morons Start Businesses with Loans – I often say if you want to be a millionaire, do what millionaires do. The same obviously holds true for billionaires. Here’s one (Mark Cuban) with some great advice on starting businesses and the amount of work it takes to make a start-up business succeed.

Liana @ Card Hub writes Ask the Experts: How Can We Improve Financial Literacy in the U.S.? – Despite signs of economic recovery, it seems like the list of problems standing in the way of a secure financial future for the U.S. is getting longer by the day. From out-of-control student loan debt and habitual consumer overleveraging to Medicare insolvency and an overcomplicated tax code. Underpinning, and perhaps exacerbating, all of these problems is a disturbing lack of financial literacy.

Lynn @ Wallet Blog writes Roth IRA vs. 529 College Savings Plans: Who Wins? – How does a 529 plan stacked up against that other popular savings vehicle for higher education: the Roth IRA.

John @ Wallet Hub writes Spotlight on Charity: Is Alexandria, VA the Charity Capital of America? – The organizations to which one chooses to donate money, the amounts they give, and why they do so depend a lot on personal preference as well as other financial and economic factors. Nevertheless, it’s undoubtedly important to do your homework before giving, and Alexandria, VA is a great place to start your search given that three of the largest charitable organizations in the country call it home.

John S @ Frugal Rules writes Answers to Challenging Credit Score Questions – There are many questions that can be posed in relation to credit scores and improving your credit. I share some of the tips of what to look at and most importantly, do your due diligence before taking action.

Jon @ Novel Investor writes What Affects Stock Price? – Price changes have a big impact on your returns. Understanding what affects stock price changes in the short term can lead to higher long term returns.

Investor Junkie @ Investor Junkie writes Rising Margin Rates Explained and How They Affect Investments – One of the ways you can potentially increase your profits is to trade on margin. When you put up collateral as leverage in order to place a bigger order, you have the chance to increase your profits, since a bigger order means the potential for bigger gains.

Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes Spending less: Kids birthday parties on a budget – You don’t have to organize a kids’ birthday party that breaks the budget if you plan in advance. Savings can be had from food to party location if you are willing to do some of the work yourself.

Jason Hull @ Hull Financial Planning writes Monkey Brain Confuses Rates and Raw Numbers – Because we have trouble dealing with rates and magnitudes, we end up making poor financial decisions. This article explains how you can become a little more numerate to improve your personal finances.

Philip @ PT Money writes How to Help Your Teenager Build Credit Responsibly – These are 5 great tips for parents of teenagers and college students who need to build credit. Responsibility is key in these early decisions. Check out Emily’s suggestions on how to teach your child to make the best choices!

Steven @ Canadian Personal Finance writes Is an MBA still worth it? – Those seeking to increase their marketability in today’s job force may have considered going back to school (or staying in school) to get their MBA (Master’s in Business Administration). However, considering the cost of education now, getting an MBA is no longer a no-brainer. So in this article, we will explore whether an MBA is worth it or not.

Ryan @ The Better Credit Blog writes Credit Repair After Bankruptcy – Outlines the steps a person should take to improve their credit after a bankruptcy.

Anton Ivanov @ Dreams Cash True writes Is There Such a Thing as Good Debt? – Not all debt is created equal. Some types of debt can actually help you reach your financial goals faster and can be considered good debt.

Khaleef Crumbley @ Faithful With A Few writes New Red Light Camera Scam Steals Your Identity – A Red Light Camera Scam, which steals your identity is becoming popular. Find out exactly how to recognize it and minimize the risk of identity theft across the board.

Khaleef Crumbley @ Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet writes We Paid Off A Credit Card This Month…But Does It Count? – We Paid Off Our Credit Card, but of course there’s a twist. Find out how we did it, and what happened to take away from our celebration.

GMD @ Girl Meets Debt writes ”How I Motivate Myself to Exercise and Pay Off Debt” – ”I envy people who naturally love to exercise and people who pay off their debt like a BOSS! I struggle like mad. But through trial and error I have found some tips that have helped me stay motivated to exercise and pay off debt. Today I’m sharing them.”

SF @ Modest Money writes ”Experimenting in Extreme Frugality” – ”Extreme frugality is based on the notion that it is far easier to attain financial independence by reducing expenditures than by increasing income- and that this is a “purer” life than can provide an equal or excessive amount of happiness when compared to the norm. Make your own stuff- trade- and eat naturally—seems reasonable. Spending roughly $12 thousand or less annually. All in vacation included.”

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